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A life in development Cooperation

... a brief glance on my work:

Starting in 1970 as young Volunteer in Development Cooperation in Nepal, I spent more than 20 years living and working in Asia.

Project Management

I am now sharing this experience through consultancy work (with a focus on Programme Management and Project Monitoring and Evaluation -M&E- in agricultural and rural development). Simply put: I visit projects overseas, see what has been planned, what has been achieved, try to figure out why there are deviations, and by incorporating the positions of all parties involved work out a proposal on how best to proceed... An exiting job!

Population Growth Rate Map can be adapted to individual requirements by our customers - directly in PowerPoint

Thematic maps

And whenever time permits I love to produce "thought provoking" thematic maps with my data2map-Team. Maps, that visualize current facts a.o. about development cooperation, intercultural cooperation, globalization and environmental issues ... In spring 2001 the first data2map website went Online, with automated download functions, a novelty at that time.

data2map has grown over the years and so has the online shop. But the very first website (of 2001) is still online and can be viewed under this link: http://data2map.de/kartenshop/soziales/index.html (however, all shop functions have been deactivated).

Life Expectancy in Years

Nach mehr als 20 jähriger Auslandstätigkeit (vorwiegend in Asien) gebe ich nun diese Erfahrungen durch gutachterliche Tätigkeiten und durch nachdenklich stimmende, thematische Karten weiter. Die Karten visualisieren aktuelle Fakten u.a. über Entwicklungszusammenarbeit, Interkulturelle Zusammenarbeit, Globalisierung, Umwelt u.ä....

Alle Karten von data2map können mit geeigneter Software uneingeschränkt bearbeitet und durch unsere Kunden an Ihre individuellen Erfordernisse angepaßt werden (beste Möglichkeiten bietet Vektorsoftware wie Adobe Illustrator, das Standardprogramm der professionellen Grafiker und Illustratoren, auch InDesign, Creative Cloud) oder eingeschränkt der kostenlose Inkscape.

Map developed by my data2map-team for Graphics and Design professionals working with Adobe Illustrator

You or your friends/Colleagues need editable maps or flags? We produce maps of all countries for PowerPoint or professional users working wie Adobe Illustrator. You are very welcome to have a look at my business-website. Just click on the following link:
Wir produzieren und liefern per Map-Sofort-Download-Shop professionelle und uneingeschränkt bearbeitbare Landkarten und Flaggen von allen Ländern... Werfen Sie doch einen Blick auf meine Geschäftswebsite durch einen Kick auf den folgenden Link:


Political map with Raster-Relief available in all popular map projections - here in Gall Peters...

Sample thematic maps

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